Creating a
better tomorrow


“I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy” - Psalms 140:12

People matter to God and they matter to us. 

Our community is filled with people that are struggling.  There are those who are living such chaotic lives that functioning normally is impossible, affecting their relationships, their ability to make a living or keep a house. And there are many communities in our city that look quiet, neat and normal, yet behind closed doors, a different story emerges.   The aim of Riverview Community Services is to see transformation in our local communities, one person at a time.


Whenever we see a need, we have an opportunity to show God's love in a personal and practical way by either meeting that need or partnering with those who can. Every year in June we place the spotlight on the many ministries and activities that extend from our church to the broader community that enables us as a church to rescue, protect and empower those in need. This will be an exciting call to action culminating with REACH (a special once-off offering, over and above our regular giving) to ensure that we continue to bring hope, help and healing to the most vulnerable people of our world, and fulfill our biblical mandate to use every available opportunity to "do good to everyone" (Galatians 6:10)



Riverview Community Services is the community care arm of Riverview Church. Through a number of different projects, we aim to help people recover from crisis and challenge, disconnection and disadvantage and put them on a path to wholeness.