Debt Counselling

We provide a free debt management service for people struggling financially

Many Australians are overwhelmed by financial problems and struggling with the burden of unmanageable debt. Debt is a major contributor to anxiety and depression and puts a massive strain on relationships and families. 

In partnership with local churches, Christians Against Poverty (CAP) offers free debt counselling to anyone struggling with debt. Through CAP, thousands of families have been released from the burden of debt through a combination of budgeting advice, creditor liaison and personal support.  

The Riverview CAP Debt Centre provides a free and confidential debt management service to anyone within a 30 minute radius of our office in Burswood. CAP’s caring and non-judgemental approach means people are supported all the way as they take each step out of debt and towards freedom. 

After you call CAP, a Debt Coach and Support Coach from the Debt Centre will visit you at your home.  After gathering information about your financial situation, a realistic budget is then worked out and a plan to repay your debts.  You will be supported along the way by the CAP team until you are debt free. 

Start your journey out of debt today by calling 1300 227 000.

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